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History of Lowell

The town of Lowell once known as the landmark of Butte Disappointment, became Cannon, named after an early settler of that name. It was originally located on lands of Amos D. Hyland, who owned in all at this point, some 2,450 acres of land, taking in the fertile land of the middle fork of the Willamette from Reserve, Signal, (Landax), Carter to the banks of Fall Creek and Winberry Creek. The area contained choice timber holdings.

The name Cannon was changed to Lowell in 1882 and Albert E. McFarland was there serving as postmaster. The post office was located at the junction of the Oregon Central Military and Springfield roads, about twenty miles from Eugene, at the present Downing store site.

The industries in this section and along forty miles of the middle fork section were hop raising and stock raising. The present town site of Lowell was a huge hop yard and was filled with Indians in hop picking time. An old hop shed, one of this period, still stands in Lowell.

post3bIn the past, Lowell was a lush river gorge, and first, it was inhabited by the Kalapooya and Mollala people. The first pioneer Amos Hyland moved this family here and settled in Oregon in 1874, and as we mentioned, the first post office was established in 1880 and was named after the resident Jake Cannon. His son-in-law was the postmaster. Amos has 14 kids, and he developed many services here and operated ferry service in the Middle Fork of the Willamette River until Covered Bridge was built in 1907. Again, the bridge was reconstructed in 1953 after massive track damage. Considering that there are a lot of tributaries and creek nearby, many covered bridges were built in Lowell.

During 1954 the city of Lowell was incorporated to get the sewer plant and water system, which has been developed by the U.S. Government during constriction of Lookout Point and Dexter dams.

According to the 2010 census, there were 1,045 people, 397 households and 298 families living in the city. Nowadays, the town has been modernized, and it has a lot of to offer their visitors. People can enjoy various events and spends enjoyable time with their friends and family.

Today this town possesses two stores, B. J. Downing and Frank Shultz, a post office, an elementary school, a church and a fine high school.

post3aAgriculture is the main occupation, aided by lumbering and chicken raising. Stock ranching is still practiced by a descendent of Amos Hyland, the founder (Ira Hyland). He possesses one of the finest ranches in this section.

How the Town of Lowell Received Its Name

On August 29, 1882, the town called Cannon changed its name to Lowell, the reason for the change was due to so many missent letters reaching Canyon, Oregon instead of Cannon, Oregon.

A daily mail route was established between Springfield and Lowell by Amos Hyland about 1883. The mail in those days was carried by horse back and stage until the year 1911. On this date the contract expired and since the railroad had been built in the year 1909, this common carrier received the new contract which it takes care of to this day. (Reference: Mrs. Dennis May).

The mail was forwarded on horseback to Landax, Blakelyville and to Hazeldell. The latter terminals point was near the present town of Oakridge. This mail service took place twice each week. It was suspended as quoted above, and the last post rider was Jake Renfro of Lowell.