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The best things to do in Lowell, Oregon

If you are visiting Lowell, Oregon for the first time and you don’t know what to do, then we have a couple of suggestions for you. This town is famous for its beautiful and pristine nature, and many people with kids come here to spend their vacation. People are friendly and welcoming, and you can do many outdoor things here. It is located along the Highway 58, only 30 minutes away from Eugene, Springfield. Lowell has a lot of stunning lakes, numerous hiking, and mountain biking trails and five beautiful bridges. So, if you ever head to Lowell, here’s what you need to visit.

Lowell historic covered bridge

post1aaThe bridge was built in 1945 and represents one of the hallmarks of Lowell. It is open only to pedestrians and its part of Oregon culture. In the past, it was long 165 feet but now extends partially over Dexter Reservoir. This is an excellent picnic place for many people, right next to Dexter Lake and Highway 58. On calm and sunny days, you can see the reflection of the bridge in the water, and that’s a spectacular sight.

Elijah Bristow State Park

On the middle fork of the Willamette River is located the Elijah Bristow State Park. 847 acres of wooded parkland is excellent for fishing, birding, horseback riding, trail running, hiking and mountain biking. Along the river, you can enjoy many trails that will provide your beautiful landscape, through wetlands and forests. The paths are connected to the Dexter State Recreational Site, and the views here are spectacular. The part provides a lot of open lawns and picnic facilities, water, and restroom. This is a perfect place for people who are looking to spend some time in nature and away from city jam.

Blackberry Jam Festival

Lowell is famous for its blackberries and every year they host a jam festival. This is a popular community event, featuring a lot of great music, unique crafts, and delicious food. Blackberry Jam Festival even includes a car show, fishing derby, quilt show and parade. postabThe festival is held every year between 27th and 28th July. This is a great family event, and many people enjoy attending it. If you ever visit Lowell, then don’t miss this event because it will be an excellent experience for you and your family.

Dexter State Recreation Site

Dexter State Recreation Site is a shoreline park with picnic facilities and stands, which include BBQ and fire rings. The edges of the lake are surrounded by grassy lawns, and whether it is nice, you can see many powerboats sailing through waters. Dexter Lake is famous for fishing, boating and it has 18-hole disc golf course. This is also a popular site for many rowing regattas. If you are traveling by car, or you have a trailer, there is a vast parking lot where you can place your vehicle. The Dexter Lake is a great place to spend some peaceful moments and take some time to explore the nature.